Not everyone knows how to take care of their hair, here are some tip to have good hair that is healthier, glowing, thick and shinier

1. Use a clarifying shampoo-

Your hair can easily get full of dirt and will make it look less shiny and even way duller. Even though the products we apply like dry shampoo or the oils we release or the dirt we pick up every day, our hair sometimes needs a little help in being cleansed. This is why we use clarifying shampoo as they strip out all the unwanted dirt and leave your hair looking fresh and feeling new.

Good Hair

2. Wash your hair the right way.-

All the shampoo bottles we purchase, instruct us to “lather, rinse, repeat” but this recipe Is not meant for everyone or even a few people. To have healthy looking locks, start by rinsing your hair in the shower and then rub the shampoo into your roots and condition the hair from mid-lengths to the hair tip. Let the shampoo settle for a couple of minutes and then give it another rinse. In this way you are shampooing your hair the right way.

3. Stop using shimmering sprays and start using argan oil instead-

Many people think that spritzing on a small shimmering spray is the best way to gloss up your locks, but this way you could be doing more harm than good to your hair. According to the reports, most Hair sprays promise to add a little sparkle to you mane that includes mica, a mineral that makes you look more shimmer for a short-term period but also roughen the surface of the hair and reduce your natural gleam. Rather than doing it this way, use the product that contains argan oil which will improve your hair’s shiny looks and even its texture.

Good Hair

4. Use a natural-bristle hairbrush-

For best results, you will need to have 100 % wild boar- hair brush to do the job. These hair brushes are stiff, rough-feeling brushes that will draw the natural oils from the roots to the ends of your hair. It promotes natural gloss and shine to your hair and also help in increasing your hair volume.

5. Use vitamin E-

The next time you go shopping, pick up a bottle fo vitamin E. at home, cut-off the ends of the vitamin capsules and press the oil into a bowl containing the shampoo and then give yourself a pre-shampoo massage with the substance. According to the reports, vitamin E can help increase circulation to your scalps and also massaging your hair locks with the oil can give your hair a stronger feel and look shinier and healthier.

Good Hair

So always make sure you buy vitamin E to protect your hair from dying.