1. The disconnected pompadour –

This is a hairstyle that is best suited for those with medium length hair. It is closely clipped and faded on the sides. The portion of the hair that holds volume is clicked back making you look smart and all set to take on the world. This hairstyle is a trendsetter amongst boys in most colleges.

Boy Hairdos

2. Combover Haircut –

This hairstyle is very breezy and easy-going. It is ideal for those experiencing thinning of the hair because it helps blindspot any initial signs of balding in young boys.

3. The Taper Cut –

This is a unique hairstyle as the voluminous hair on the top begins to lessen in volume as it is trimmed as the hair goes toward the back. This is done to give it a more taper shape. It is important to note that this hairstyle will require regular maintenance. You are required to make use of shampoo and other styling products as well to keep the look together.

Boy Hairdos

4. Spiky Hairstyle with Lift –

Spikes have always been an all-time favorite amongst boys. All you need for this a few styling products such as the gel. It basically involves using this gel to perk up the hair and give it a little lift. You can also use sculpting wax instead of gel.

5. Long top short sides –

This is another popular trend in today’s fashion scenario. This hairstyle is for those who sport medium length hair. What is done is that the hair on top is kept long and set backward and the sides are cut short. If interested you can suggest the hairdresser add a few waves and make it look a little more full and bouncy.

6. The Square Cut –

One of the smartest and most handsome hairstyles for college going boys. In this, the hair is almost cut as short as a crew cut and the edges of the forehead need to be defined by use of a razor.

7. Heavy Fringe Textured Top –

In this hairdo, the fringes are extremely heavy, and this weight is now added back to the sides of the cut. You can utilize any styling product available. This is one of the most trendy yet easy outfits to master.

8. The Combover –

Combover is the best ever hairstyle as chosen by the young students of various colleges across the country. The hair present in the middle top portion of his head is cut to become medium length and then combed over with the use of pomade.  Note that the reason for the sides being cut short is the need to increase the visibility of the top hair.