According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are approximately 463 million adults (ages between 20-79 years) who have diabetes. And it is said that the number of people living with diabetes will drastically increase in 2045 up to 700 million. It is all due to the poor lifestyle of many individuals that is prevalent in this modern society.

Are you one of these individuals who are suffering from diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition wherein the body fails to process food into energy. The food is turned into glucose, which is used as body fuel. When you have diabetes, the pancreas does not make enough insulin to aid glucose in entering the cells, or your body can’t use the hormone as it should. Instead of turning the sugar into energy, it builds up in the blood causing the increase of sugar levels in the body.

Diabetes has various effects on human health. One of its common side-effects is diabetic macular edema.

What is Diabetic Macular Edema? 

Diabetic Macular Edema is a complication of diabetic retinopathy. It is a common diabetic eye disease that leads to irreversible blindness. It happens when the blood vessels weaken in the eye, making them leak or grow out of control. When it does, the fluid seeps into the retina, causing it to swell and affect the macula.

Ophthalmologists say that diabetic macular edema doesn’t always have symptoms. But some signs could indicate the development of this eye disease. If you images directly in front of you appear blurry or wavy, there is a chance that you might this condition. Also, the colors appear washed out. If you have diabetes and notice these signs, ask for diagnosis to determine if you have DME.

How to Treat DME? 

Is there tratamiento del edema macular?

It is one of the questions that people diagnosed with DEM asks. According to medical professionals, DEM is manageable and can be treated.

Before the treatment is handed out, doctors will conduct a physical test to identify what’s causing it. The possibilities circle on high blood sugar, or high blood pressure. Figuring out the reason behind DEM will help the doctor find the right treatment.

After the diagnosis, you’ll have to see a retina specialist for the treatment. Healing the retina is the first step to cure DEM. But of course, the treatment will also depend on your medical condition and the root cause of it.

One possible treatment for DEM is Anti-VEGF shots. When you have such a condition, the body produces too much protein (VEGF). It is the reason why the blood vessels grow quickly and leaks. By using anti-VEGF shots, it’ll reduce the production of VEGF and prevent the blood vessels from further deterioration.

Another treatment to DEM is focal-grid macular laser surgery. This procedure aims to slow down the leaking and heal the swelling of the retina. The treatment is delivered one eye at a time in a few weeks in between.

If the laser surgery won’t work, ophthalmologists usually use anti-VEGF shots together with it.

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