Can toddlers wear headphones? Find out whether headphones are safe or not for toddlers right here.

You’ve recently learned that your toddler is a music lover. With digital technology, social media, and smartphones, the opportunity to listen to music is immense. It is almost impossible to stop your child from wearing headphones for longer periods.

Aside from enjoyment, something is satisfying on hearing your favorite music blasting on your ears. It is an instant serotonin boost and helps you be more productive. And for some, it helps them calm down and relax. The same also happens to toddlers. They feel enjoyment and comfort while listening to their favorite music. Then, how can you keep your child’s auditory health safe while spending lots of time listening to music through headphones?

What your toddler need is the right headphone for his age.

Headphone and Child’s Hearing

Exposure to loud sounds is the primary cause of hearing loss. It is evident in past studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). According to this report, a huge percentage of adults and children suffer from hearing loss due to prolonged loud sound exposure.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an average person is allowed to be exposed to a loud sound at a maximum of 85 dB eight hours per day. Anything above 85 dB can cause mild to complete hearing loss depending on the loudness and exposure to the sound.

For toddlers, they have more sensitive auditory senses. Their ears are not fully developed. Thus, high volume levels can do extreme damage to their hearing.

Given this fact, how can wearing headphones be safe for children?

Toddlers can still wear headphones. However, they can only use specialized headphones for toddlers. This type of headphone is engineered for children’s enjoyment and safety. Its decibel levels are lower compared to adult headphones. The limited volume of toddler headphones won’t cause damage to a child’s hearing.

Moreover, the best toddler headphones feature ear cup size suitable for their ears. They fit comfortably on the head and feel soft to touch. These headphones are often made from premium materials that are safe for a child’s sensitive skin.

Toddler headphones are over-ear versions. On-ear headphones are harmful to kids. This type of headphone is inserted into the ear canal, which is unsafe for a child’s hearing. On the other hand, an over-ear headphone requires no ear canal insertion.

A toddler headphone is designed for the child’s comfort. They have an adjustable headband that easily fits a toddler’s smaller head. Moreover, the wirings of this listening device have a thicker exterior. The outer layer of the wirings is durable and made of safe material. It consists of no heavy toxic chemicals that might cause serious health concerns.


A regular adult headphone is not safe for toddlers. The perfect choice for them is a toddler headphone. This option is safe for a child’s hearing. However, parents should be careful when buying toddler headphones. Make sure the product is 100% safe for children’s use.

To assure the product is safe for toddlers, parents may consult product review sources. Reading product reviews and comparisons is extremely helpful in searching for the best headphones for toddlers.