Did you help your dog to stay calm during New Year’s Eve where there were a lot of fireworks going on? If you not, you really should the next time there are fireworks that are being set off near you.

During New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, and when there are occasions that fireworks are being set off, most animals would cower in the corner and will do their best to cover their ears when they hear the bang and pop of fireworks nearby.

Dogs are no different from other animals when around fireworks; this is because, just like other animals, dogs have sensitive hearing too. Dogs can recognize sounds that are around four times farther away from them than human hearing. Sadly, because of their highly sensitive ears, dogs are prone to hearing loss, especially when frequently exposed to loud noise. Dogs are highly sensitive to frequencies and if it is above 25,000 Hz, it can hurt your dog’s hearing.

Help your dog during those difficult times and let them wear protective hearing gear. Fortunately, there are several choices of dog ear muffs that are available and ready for you to purchase. All you need to do is choose the best ear muffs for your pet best friend.

Are earmuffs for dogs essential?

When you notice that your dog is whimpering, shaking, and trying to flee when there are loud bang and pop of fireworks nearby, it shows that your dog is distressed and afraid.

So, making your dog wear hearing muffs essential? Yes; it is.

Here are the top two main reasons why earmuffs for dogs are essentials:

#1: To keep their hearing ability healthy

Don’t let the fireworks make your dog deaf; make them wear earmuffs. Through this, it will reduce the noise that they will hear from the fireworks. Moreover, if you own or taking care of a service dog, making them wear earmuffs during critical times like these will keep their performance at best.

#2: To save them from distress

Although fireworks do not last too long, it can cause trauma to the dog; trauma that would not only hurt your pet dog’s hearing, but also their well-being.

There have been reports that even by a singular exposure to fireworks or gunshot sound it can traumatize the dog, which may lead to its inability to function well. There are instances that dogs may acquire panic attacks after it was exposed to firework sound, which can trigger when they would hear an abrupt loud bang nearby. So, if you want your buddy to function well after the fireworks being set off during an occasion, make them wear a pair of hearing muffs.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your dog’s breed is, all of them have sensitive hearing. They cannot block out noise on their own, even if they try to. For this reason, you should consider investing a pair of hearing muffs for your pet buddy; try to learn more about them now.

Also, if you own a cat, do not forget to buy them a pair of hearing aid too; because just like the dogs, cats have sensitive hearing too and may experience anxiety and distress when they hear a loud bang and pop from the fireworks.