What are Tecovas boots? Is it good compared to the Lucchese boots?  What is the best between these two boots? This article will discuss the Tecovas boots vs Lucchese boots that will give you details on which you will choose that will suit your style and work.

These two boots are considered as durable, comfortable and trendy that will last in long years. But if you are tight in the budget, you will choose only one that will be fitted to your needs. Thus, you will want to know the details of these two boots that you will be going to compare for your own benefits. We will compare these two boots into the price factor and quality features.

Price – When it comes to price matters, many people say that they are wise enough in spending their money. Well, how about in the pair of Tecovas or Lucchese Boots? Since these two boots are made in high-quality genuine leather, there are still differences between them in terms of their price. The Lucchese boots are considered as premium boots brand and of course, it has a higher price compared to the normal boots brand. The Lucchese boots price range starts from $295 up to $2, 000. They also offer high prices for their most premium boots model, the Baron Black American Alligator Western Boot that costs $12, 995. While the Lucchese boots have the highest price, the Tecovas boots are more affordable and cheaper. Tecovas boots offer calfskin and suede boots on a price range that starts from $200 up to $250. They have also the alligator boots that cost not more than $700. So, if you are on a budget, then you will choose Tecovas boots compared to Lucchese boots. But, if you think that Lucchese boots worth the price of your money, then buy it and enjoy wearing high-quality brand boots.

Quality – Many men have different tastes when it comes to buying their personal things and that includes their shoes. When it comes to high quality these two boots have it all. But, what are the differences among them in terms of quality? Tecovas is made of high-quality leathers and perfects to use professionally as a cowboy boots style. They are not used regularly on outdoor activities and mostly many models love to use this type of boots. You can find different custom-tanned colors available for Tecovas. They use sewing machines in stitching this boot with the Goodyear Welt leather strip and made for long-lasting durability. On the other hand, Lucchese boots are made by hand with premium materials used. Only, the difference is that they follow certain steps and detail procedure that includes more time and special skills in making high-quality Lucchese boots. They are made of lemonwood pegs for the insole and outsole, crocodilian skins for side by side, and Lucchese special sealants. They create perfect processing that makes the Lucchese boot perfectly fit. Lucchese boots practice the “10-year-old stonewash” method that recreates the appearance of the boots. Thus, when you want the best among the best in terms of quality boots, these Lucchese boots are superb and highly recommended for you!

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